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Toews and Crosby and Baseball and Kitty

I haven't been around AT ALL lately, except to creep around on other people's journals and try to hide from the world. I blame my iPod and phone because both those things mean that I can creep to my heart's desire without getting out my computer/leaving actual comments for people.

An Illustrated Bulletpoint List:

Crosby and Toews!

fabrosaurus and I spent one night making these guys. I kept these two and sent one to Jamie (what the hell is your lj name??) after she borked herself.

Shirts!! I forgot to put them in the first time around!

If you can't find merch you like, sometimes you just gotta make it yourself.


The little one is my new baby Kiyouki. She's kind of a terror and kind of a pain in my ass but I love her to pieces and the fat gray cat might love her more.

Batman and Robin being boyfriends at Six Flags!

I chaperoned a high school trip to Six Flags a couple of weekends ago and just happened to grab this picture of ridiculousness.

Things That Do Not Have Pictures:

My trainer! He's leaving us! He got called by the Giants to move out to Arizona so that he can play more in some of the summer/rookie leagues out there which good for him we're really excited! But he's leaving!! And just when I'm starting to get things! Lamesauce. Also Arizona this means look the fuck out we're invading again this summer to stalk him and you too! \o/

Last weekend I went 29 miles on the bike. It was SO HOT I almost didn't make it. And I have tan lines. :/ It looks like I'm wearing thigh-high stockings I'm not looking forward to the farmer's tan that my brother always seems to be sporting because of the hours spent on his bike. WHATEVER. I have one more weekend to do another 29 miles, and then the week after that is my 35 mile actual race. WHAT THE FUCK how is it so soon??

What did I miss from everyone else??? My lj cut me off at like 160 entries back I DIDN'T MEAN TO ABANDON YOU ALL I LOVE YOU

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