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Arizona shenanigans

Okay, so I'm going to cool it off on the baseball stuff because there's only one person who really cares about that and she's heard all about it.

Except for one thing. My family (parents, brother, grandma) went to Phoenix for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which they hold every year. It's all based on votes and a player's blah blah blah you guys don't care about that part.

What I imagine you WILL care about is Tim DeKay!!!

GUYS. GUYS. HE IS SO NICE. I was walking into one of the shop things they had set up and there was a line for flat souvenir penny things off to the side, and there was this tall dude in a black polo. I saw him, thought he looked like Tim DeKay, laughed at myself for being a fucking spaz, looked again and got caught looking. Long story short, I made my brother go over and find out if he was who I thought he was (he was!!!) and then introduced myself to him.

He introduced himself to me like I didn't know who he was already which was amazingly adorable, and we talked baseball for a while. I may or may not have gushed a little over White Collar and found out he's a Red Sox and Dodger fan, which I will forgive him for. He was SO NICE guys. I can't even.

I also got to hold Gaylord Perry's World Series Ring, but I don't know how many of you will appreciate that like I did...

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