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Being awesome at baseball since 2011

So the other day this happened.

But apparently gisforgreen and myself couldn't leave well enough alone, and yesterday this happened:

Danielle: Yes. Speaking of which. I need to draw astronaut fontenot.

Me: Mike Fontenot killed The Doctor! Mike Fontenot is River Song!


Me: he and Amy are both gingers! Oh yeah

Danielle: Gingers gonna ginge. I imagine he was instantly Amy's favorite when the Tardis kidnapped them.

Me: well clearly. Not only is he ginger, but he's tiny and ginger.

Me: if Amy has a favorite, Rory gets to have a favorite too so he reaches behind him for the closest guy and it ends up beig Zito


Danielle: Oh I want to draw this so bad. Hahaha. Rory!

Me: yeah Rory doesn't even know what just happened. But Barry seems pretty happy about it.

Danielle: Super excited. And Rory is like oh shit. Meanwhile Amy is bossing Fontenot, but he's not even paying attention. Kittens!

Me: and then Barry starts talking zen and karma so Rory steals a kitten from Fontenot shoves it at Zito and hides in his bunk bed

Danielle: Which does not please Fontenot one bit and Amy gets all "WHY DID YOU MAKE HIM CRY?!" And Zito's sad. And everything needs fixing.

Me: which is why they need Buster. He has to teach Amy and Fontenot and Rory (once they find him) about sharing and caring.

Danielle: Meanwhile Ross and the Sanchezes are up in the rafters.

Danielle: And anyway it's not that Fontenot didn't want to share but to have a kitten snatched right out of his hands after magically getting kidnapped by a time travelling box was a bit too much.

Me: and so the Doctor has to go up there and yell at them about timey wimey stuff but they all get distracted by some shiny stuff

Danielle: Then there are four dudes up in the rafters and once Buster gets shit sorted out then him AND Amy are taking names.

Me: finally Amy has to get the TARDIS to make more rooms and they seperate them all based on position- pitchers, infielders, etc

Danielle: Which of course doesn't work. Because Huff and Burrell just go off to be bffs and then all hell breaks loose.

Me: so Buster has to take over room duty and Amy goes to yell at Pat and Aubrey and be Scottish at them. They follow her anywhere

Danielle: Brian Wilson's in looooooove.

Me: the three of them plot to find ways to get Rory out of the picture until Rory finds them and lets them know he can hear them


Me: Rory rolls his eyes and goes to find Posey and tell him they lost two field players and a closer. Or not Posey. He's scary.

Danielle: He goes to Torres instead. Who just speaks Spanish at him quickly and maybe this was a TERRIBLE IDEA.

Me: Andres knows *exactly* what's going on but rambles at Rory about the awful Spanish soap operas his mom likes to watch.

Danielle: Rory flees to tell the Doctor instead. And then goes to his room.

Me: because when he thinks about it, the Doctor's got a point. Beds! With a ladder!

Danielle: Fontenot's room has a bean bag chair and a cat climbing tower.

Me: not that he uses the bean bag. Mostly he sleeps with the kittens but sometimes he curls up under the console in the main room

Danielle: He just likes to look at it. Plus Amy likes to come chill with him sometimes.

Me: sometimes it's just a ginger thing but sometimes his boys got jealous and stole him back.

Danielle: Meanwhile Fontenot is very very confused because he's just poking around on the Tardis, sleeping, hanging out with Amy and Kittens

Danielle: and then BAM team kidnapping. Where he goes on poking around the Tardis, sleeping,hanging out with kittens but his team follows him

Me: Buster has to team up with Amy and gang up on the Doctor to convince him NOT to land on a planet can you imagine the trouble?

Danielle: SO MUCH TROUBLE. Which is of course why the Tardis doesn't listen to them and lands on a planet despite their best attempts.

Me: and of course it's a vacation planet. So of course Pat and Aubrey and Brian run off as fast as they can. Buster knows here to find them though. Just look for the women and you'll find those three. It's the Sanchezes who are the problem. They're wily

Danielle: Basically Buster is judging the shit out of them but they still do whatever they want. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

Me: and they all know it. Sometimes they pretend to let him be in charge. But not today.

Danielle: Not on VACATION ISLAND. HELLO. Meanwhile Fontenot is the only one behaving. AS PER USUAL. Though Panda did carry him off and stick him in a tree but that was easy to fix.

Me: it wasn't a very tall tree. And Pablo did feel bad about it. Zito kept going out and talking to people about the unicorn.

Danielle: Fontenot was the only one brave enough to go see Barry's unicorn. Who knew what it actually was going to end up being

Me: and he still hasn't told anybody what Barry's unicorn actually was. Crawford and Stewart went for drinks with tiny umbrellas.

Danielle: And ended up married.

Me: the Doctor offered to annul it since the marriage hadn't been consumated but they both just looked shifty.

Danielle: NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN. Fontenot gave them an epic wedding present too.

Me: what did Fontenot give them?

Danielle: He took them to see Barry's unicorn, man. Wicked awesome. They told no one what it was either.

Danielle: Also a dishware set. Naturally.

Me: his mama raised him proper. It was a nice dishware set. Even though it lost something after seeing Barry's unicorn...

Danielle: #magic

Me:I am pretty sure other baseball teams don't have peple making up epic Doctor Who adventures for them. Their loss. It's pretty awesome.


Ridiculous baseball nerds forever!! I'm pretty sure my favorite is Crawford and Stewart getting married.

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