onigaminanashi (onigaminanashi) wrote,

There's Magic Inside

gisforgreen reminded me to post this.

These are my boys. This is what they did for The Trevor Project.

Not to brag or anything, but they're the first major sports organization that's put together an It Gets Better video, and I think they did a damn good job.

These are who I'm proud to have as role models. Who I follow not because they win games (mostly they don't) but because of this. Three of them I know for sure are married, one has a son, and one has a baby girl. The other two are bachelors and could be off doing drugs or chasing women, but they're not. They're making this video for the kids of today who might, just might see their testosterone-laden role models being accepting and decide to give it a shot.

This is my team, and they are why I watch.

Edit: Fucking lj ate half my post. >

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